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Veg Factor

Our brief was to raise the online profile of Shallots (yes - the vegetable) in a suitably engaging way. We ran a video advertising campaign targeting younger and more mainstream audiences (than typical Shallot consumers) with interests in cooking, vegetarianism, healthy living and so on.

We created a vegetable talent show featuring an unimpressed panel of vegetable judges and several disappointing performances, followed by Shelly the Shallot who steals the show with a heart wrenching aria. The audience are seen crying with tears of joy - mainly the onions.

We wanted to establish the idea that Shallots are great for simple home cooking as well “fine cuisine”, and to point out the advantages over the more popular onion. We also sought to divert one barrier to use by ensuring that shallot recipes were immediately available. After the campaign, the client reported a spike in sales.