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Here is a list of multimedia services offered in addition to our flagship video products, including TVCs, Promotional Videos, Videos for Advertising and Music Videos, all of which will have a specific page on this website soon!

Digital Graphics

What with the onslaught of web, social media and all the rest, it seems like the only way to stay relevant is to keep up an accurate, refreshing, engaging and professional presence across all the right platforms. We promise top quality graphics and photography best suited to your evolving brand, tailor-made for where it needs to be. Whether that’s a new Facebook cover photo or a full set of revitalised custom imagery for your website, email signature, ezine, external profiles, digital advertising and getting you set up on Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr and the rest, we can help.


Print Design

We create the designs and manage printing of just about any tangible media, delivered directly to you. We can help with new branded stationery, business cards, flyers or a smart new brochure - it’s no problem. For a list of possibilities, see here.


Aerial photos and footage is an exciting new possibility to show off your business! Please get in touch to discuss.

360° Video Tour / Environments

As well as offering panoramic photos and 360 degree environments of your business for interactive viewing on web and smartphones, we can now create even more engaging virtual tours by using new panoramic videos, hosted on YouTube.

This is a still 360 environment, but using the video technology - hopefully we’ll have a video version we can show off here soon, but in the meantime, here’s Dismaland in 360! You can click and drag the video to view different angles.


The profileration of smartphones has meant that time wasting games aren’t just for children! Utilised properly they are a fantastic means of engaging customers, combining your brand with something fun and addictive. Let’s say you own a gardening product: we can make a simple platform game featured around collecting enough of your product, leaping through beautiful garden levels, to keep your prize flower alive! Along with hundreds of other possibilities, we can then deploy the game on your website, social media and via smartphone download as part of your interactive marketing campaign.

Logo Design

We work with you to develop the perfect logo that captures the essence of your brand with a professional graphic, delivered with variations as a scalable vector. This means that your logo will always look pixel perfect, however big or small, wherever it’s implemented.


Video is a must-have for exciting and informing customers. We can produce high quality video for all sorts, advertising for Television, YouTube and point of sale, a short film about your business or a new product launch, training videos and exciting short pieces for sharing online. See here for our “video identity” promo deal for the perfect visual introduction to your company, and here for our 2015 video reel.

Product Shots

We make your products look iconic and beautiful!

Photoshop / Retouching

We use Photoshop to create photo composites, replace skies & backgrounds, remove lens distortion and remove unwanted elements (logos, text etc).

Additionally we use advanced retouching, colour correction and colour grading to get the best out of our imagery.


We offer all kinds of photographic services (but no weddings!) including product, advertising, portraits, corporate, lifestyle, landscape, aerial, glamour and so on. We have a small studio and are open to location projects, time and distance permitting - please get in touch to discuss.

Take a look at Danford’s flickr profile.


Is any company complete until you have coffee mugs with your logo on? We can assist by supplying all sorts of branded products - perfect for giveaways and freebies, or to keep for the office!

Digital Brochure

Digital “flipbook” brochures are an easy, interactive and professional means of showcasing your company or service. We can assist with photography and copywriting in creating the final product, and we can ensure no watermarks or need for external hosting services - the brochure can be accessible on your web server with zero ongoing fees. View an example here.


Depending on your needs we can produce computer generated imaging, whether for product shots, 360 degree viewers, or for visual effects purposes in graphics and video advertising. This is how we achieve the impossible, and ensure product perfection.


Exciting poster design and printing is really simple, perfect for events, launches, and whatever else tickles your fancy.

Video Tutorials

Educating and informing customers about your product or service is all part of its success, and what better way than a video tutorial, visually walking you through the motions step by step? We can produce high definition screen capture tutorials with easy going voice overs to keep your customers happy.